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Effort, PA – High Heat Rejection Window Film in Vehicle for Eli

A vehicle can be the bridge between ourselves and the freedom gained with movement from one place to another. When the summer heat hits its heights, the motivation to use our automobiles for traveling becomes less defined. Who wants to go anywhere in a hot car or truck? That is where an effective window film package come in!

Eli is a new client that wanted to reduce the solar heat index inside his vehicle. He came to our experts asking for a productive solution that was affordable and long-lasting. We were happy to help!

Photos of Completion

With so much money invested into our vehicle with its purchase, maintenance, and customizations, why not invest in the comfort of your vehicle as well? A properly installed window film package can make the difference in the temperature of your vehicle’s interior, as well as the time it takes to change the temperature. Check out the image above to see the completed window film installation for Eli, and the optical clarity provided!

Wrapped Up

After a consultation with the client, we were able to pinpoint the window film that would achieve his desired results. A heat rejection ceramic window film will bring the reduction in solar heat and UV radiation that lowers the temperature inside of the vehicle, while giving clear visibility. This window film solution offers a lifetime color stable warranty that gives a sense of satisfaction to consumers!

See for Yourself

The key to taking the plunge on this affordable purchase is to see the results firsthand. We offer a test to allow consumers to see the effects offered by out films. With a heat lamp, we will place your hand near the bulb. You will feel the heat! Then by taking a piece of window film sample and adhering it to glass a quarter inch thick (average width of auto glass), you can place it over the bulb to feel the virtually unrecognizable heat emittance. The change speaks for itself!

Our Guarantee

In order to achieve the results that you are looking for with your effective window film solution, it is imperative to have an in-depth consultation. We will look at all the details surrounding your needs, including price range, time constraints, desired goals, and installation location. There are window film packages that meet the demands of homes, offices, businesses and commercial properties in addition to the automobile uses mentioned in the current project. We can battle issues such as brand reinforcement, heat and glare reduction, UV protection, privacy, and decorative needs. Reach out to our team of professionals to schedule your assessment, and get started on your next complete window film solution!

Are you curious about the advantages afforded to your vehicle specifically with our ceramic window film solutions? Would you like to learn about the other films that can increase your comfort and longevity of windows and glass in residential, automobile, and commercial settings? We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by: Solar Perfection Window Tinting – Scranton, Pennsylvania

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