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EFFORT, PA - High Quality Auto Window Film Installation for George L.

Recently, our team was contacted by George L. for a personalized window film package. He needed a high end film that would combat the issues he faced with solar heat coming through his windows. Our experts love to take on a new challenge, and we set up the time to make his window film dreams into a reality!

An Image Shares All

A successful window film installation has the power to elevate a vehicle aesthetic, and improve the quality of comfort within the inside of the vehicle. Both of these details were acheived with the recent completion of the window film installation for George L. You can see the results for yourself in the image above!

The Package for George L.

George L. was very specific about the issues he wanted met for this package. The window film would need to be of the finest quality, and be able to solve the problems he faced with solar heat. We offered the 35% Nano Ceramic window film to face these issues, and he agreed that this was the best fit. This particular window film offers 58% TSER, and 76% IR rejection for combating the issues he faced. The window film also gives a lifetime color stable non fading warranty. With this window film package, the client was not only given the solutions that he wanted, but also the glare and radiation protection that he needed. He was pleased with the results, and so was our team!

An Auto Window Film

An automobile can provide you years and miles of enjoyment. Day trips, vacations, and a sense of security in being able to travel whereever you need to go. However, in order to continually enjoy the benefits associated with a vehicle, it is necessary to take care of it. One of the best ways to prolong the appeal, comfort, and quality of your vehicle is with a window film investment. There are tinted window films, reflective, and even colored choices. We will work with the local tinting laws, and come up with a package that effectively meets all the window film needs your vehicle has!

Our Team’s Mission

We are a full service window film distributor, and installer. Our team works with you to find the final goals you have for you package, and develops a plan to meet those goals head on. Our materials are of the highest quality, and our installation methods are cutting edge. We use adhesives that will not damage the window below yet offer longevity. When you need a custom solution for your home, office, business, or vehicle, reach out to our team of professionals!

Are you interested in learning more about the other products and services that are offered for your window film needs? Would you like to hear more about this and other projects? Contact us today. We look forward to starting you on your next window film adventure!

Written by: Solar Perfection Window Tinting - Scranton, Pennsylvania

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