Kalahari Resort Restaurant gets Ceramic Window tint | Poconos, Pocono Summit, PA

Kalahari Resort Pocono Summit, Pa

The Double Cut restaurant contacted the team at solar perfection window tinting about a heat and glare issues coming threw the restaurant windows. So we went on location to discuss and verify the issue the customer was having. We went over a few options and the customer liked the Huper Optik Ceramic series. This patented german window film is the only true ceramic window film in the market / industry. This film is 100% Dye and metal free. And comes with a 17 year commercial warranty. The optical clarity on this window film is so amazing it is virtually undetectable on the windows.

In the picture the left window (Door) already has the window film applied. You will notice a very subtle different in color. This film blocks 61% of the heat entering the window (Door) and filtering out 81% of Infrared rays (heat) and blocking 99.9% harmful UV Rays.

The restaurant was so impressed with the Huper Optik window film. They had the team at Solar perfection apply window film to the whole restaurant windows, entrance doors. Give us a call today for your free commercial window tinting estimate.




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