Ceramic Window Tinting For Cars & Trucks | Poconos, Lehighton, Tannersville, PA

Ceramic Window Films From Autobahn Performance Films & Huper Optik.

Solar Perfection Window Tinting is the Poconos & NEPA's premier ceramic window film dealer. This high heat rejection window film does an amazing job at filtering out heat from entering your Car, Truck & Home windows. You will immediately notice a night and day difference in comfort once this film has been applied.

Our industry leading patented ceramic window film from Huper Optik is the only true 100% dye & metal free ceramic film on the market. This non reflective ceramic window film is perfect for home, storefront and commercial windows. This film has no mirror effect to it. Once applied it is virtually undetectable on the glass at the same time blocking high amounts of heat entering through the windows. To learn more about the products we carry visit us a www.solarperfectionpa.com or www.huperoptikusa.com

SHADES: 5, 20, 35, 45 %

WARRANTY: lifetime warranty on Automotive applications

CONTACT US: 570-972-3577 For a free no hassle quote

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