Window Tinting To Reduce Heat In Vacation Home In The Poconos | Pocono Lake, Arrowhead Lake Communit


Adding window tint to your home windows is the most energy efficient thing you can do to upgrade the glass in your home without replacing the window unit. As you can see from the picture above the glare reduction between the left and the right window.

This summer vaction home in the heart of the Poconos has no A/C in it so the customer contacted us at Solar Perfection Window Tinting to see what we can do to help reduce the heat entering the loft area of the home. The window film we applied from Huper Optik blocks 57% of the solar energy entering the windows and reduces the suns glare by 70%. The customer was thrilled at how well the window film worked.

WARRANTY: All of our residential window films carry a Lifetime Warranty. So you'll have peace of mind for years to come

CONTACT US: 570-972-3577 for a free in home quote/estimate

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